U.S.A. Broadband Audit


This directory of broadband audits establishes the ground truth of America's broadband reality. Each broadband audit tracks crucial data ranging from internet speeds and broadband coverage to demographic and spatial information for a given place. Discover unserved and underserved broadband areas at the state, city, county, and tribal community level. Use this as an alternative to Fabric to win and defend your fair share of the largest ever broadband grant funding program in history.

Broadband Serviceable Locations in America

% of serviceable locations by performance rank
More than 80% unserved
More than 80% un(der)served

Updated February 2024

The map above shows the total demand points and quality of broadband coverage in America. This map helps clearly outlines places most in need of improvement and should serve as a crucial resource for internet service providers looking to improve or expand their broadband services. To harness deeper insights, sign up or log in to the portal.

% un(der)served
serviceable locations
performance breakdown
No data