Run Efficient, Inclusive, Data-driven Challenge Processes

Developed to comply with the complexity of NTIA requirements, while adapting to your vision and state requirements. Set and enforce your evidentiary standards. 

Works for BEAD, CPF, SFLRF, and custom challenge processes. Covers Enforceable Commitment, CAIs, and more.

100% NTIA Challenge & Rebuttal API compliant.

Streamline stakeholder impact with geospatial tools.

Get export-ready review of challenges with a robust framework.

Ensure evidentiary standards are met with geospatial tools and structured workflows.

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IndianaNevadaNew YorkKansasVirginiaMIssissippiLouisianaOklahomaWest VirginiaOhioNorth DakotaArkansas

Consistent and Efficient Review.

Robust framework to ensure that the review and adjudication of challenges is handled quickly and consistently based on the evidentiary standards you define, producing an NTIA approval-ready export of results.


Simplify Challenges. Maximize Impact.

Streamline and simplify your challenge processes with easy-to-use geospatial tools and structured challenge workflows designed to maximize stakeholder participation while minimizing burden on your team. Works across all challenge types throughout your program.

Secure Coordination and Communication.

Securely accept evidence and communicate efficiently with challengers using integrated messaging, including automated notifications to challenged providers with clear guidance on rebuttals.

Challenge Process Coordinator for BEAD at a Glance

Limitless Opportunities

Process 1,000 or 1 Million Challenges With Ease

Get the evidence you need to trust but verify provider submissions. Run one challenge, or one challenge per quarter for 10 years. Achieve greatness in your vision while staying compliant with NTIA and state guidelines.

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The Modern Way

Leverage Empirical Data

Connect to your communities and to uncover the ground reality of broadband to support data-driven challenges and decision to direct the flow of funding equitably.

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Security Comes First

Secure and Automated Data Handling

  • Paper Forms Welcome to the 21st Century
  • Modern cloud based architecture
  • Extensive data security
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Set the evidentiary standard

NTIA Model Process Compliant, Customizable to Your Needs

  • Enforces the Standards
  • Collects Empirical Data 
  • Customized for your State’s needs
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keep it simple

Lower the Barriers

Enable providers, non-profits, local and tribal governments  to easily submit evidence through a simple platform. Accurate but effortless is the standard.

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