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Everything about
the last mile is
about to change.

Unprecedented capital influx. New rules. Complex regulation.


Get in front of the historic shift underway.

Don’t miss out on the largest broadband grant virtual syndicate.

Ready Partner Marketplace helps customers find, buy, and start using the products and services needed to bring connectivity to rural unserved and urban overlooked areas - immediately!


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Why partner?

Unlock the ecosystem paradox & drive growth

By joining our partners’ ecosystem from diverse verticals, you'll help local ISPs drive growth and success while expanding your business. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make a positive impact on solving the digital inequity and grow your business at the same time!


Scale with success

Scale your business with collaborative, multi-project tools.


Grow with our partners ecosystem

Get access to the largest pipeline of BEAD broadband grant applicants.


Better serve customers’ needs

Capitalize on products and services, and co-create solutions with Ready Partner Marketplace to better serve customers


Maximize business synergies

Leverage your own products and services, external ecosystems, and partnership synergies to drive new revenue and maximize efficiency

Technology Partner

Technology Partners

API-first integrations for scaling your broadband pro services

Integrate directly to Ready BOSS™️ the cloud engine powering

Operate more efficiently with insights from Ready data

Stay secure and compliant as you grow - fast!

Consulting Partner

Consulting Partners

Scale your business while delivering more value to your clients

Manage all of your broadband grant-seeking clients in one place

Add powerful advantages to your offerings

Make advanced geospatial research easy for your team

Vendor Partner

Vendor Partners

Make procurement of your goods & services easy

Get listed in the BOM Builder that will be used by hundreds of grant seekers

Make it easy for applicants to select your goods & services

Follow the grant journey to post-award compliance

Why join Ready Partner Marketplace?

Scale your business on the only end-to-end broadband grant platform.


Harness the power of BEAD & CPF grants

Ready Partner Marketplace is built to help you and your customers make the most of America’s largest-ever broadband investment, happening now. Grant funding is only one ingredient to building strong, reliable networks. Applicant operators rely on great products and services like yours to get the job done.

Be on the right side of history: Join Ready Partner Marketplace today.


Joint Marketing Opportunities

Tap into marketing opportunities like events, in-platform announcements, and community initiatives.


Increased reach and exposure

Reach thousands of potential clients through Ready Partner Marketplace.


Partnership Support

Gain dedicated access to Ready Partner Marketplace Team.


Premium Product Access

Unlock access to the latest products and features, including to gain powerful insights.


Integration Framework

Ease of integration through plug & play approach using standard templates for optimized efficiency for you.


Partner Advisory Committee

Help steer the largest virtual syndicate of broadband grant applicants.

Why partner?

Partner Selection Criteria

The following criteria are considered when selecting partners for Ready Partner Marketplace. Our aim is to ensure that our partners deliver high-quality products and services, a positive customer experience, and are able to scale the operations as the marketplace grows.


Product Quality

The quality of the products or services offered by the partner is critical in ensuring customer satisfaction. The partner should have a track record of delivering high-quality products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations.



Pricing is a crucial factor in determining the competitiveness of a marketplace. Partners must be able to offer products or services at a competitive price point that provides value for money to customers.



The partner must be reliable in terms of delivering products or services on time and as per the agreed terms and conditions. This helps ensure that the marketplace maintains a good reputation and customer satisfaction.



The reputation of the vendor is another important factor. Vendors with a good reputation in the market are more likely to attract customers and provide quality products and services.


Customer Support

The vendor must provide excellent customer support to handle any queries, complaints, or issues that customers may face. This ensures that the marketplace provides a positive customer experience and helps build trust.



Partners must have the ability to scale their operations as the marketplace grows. This helps ensure that the marketplace can continue to meet the demand for products or services and provide a seamless applicant experience.

How will you stand out?

Get in front of thousands of grant-seeking broadband operators


Let’s help solve the digital inequity and enable broadband providers to win together


Why join Ready Partner Marketplace?

Accelerate your business!

Technology Partners

Technology Partners

Integrate to the platform of record trusted by grant-seeking operators.

Consultant Partners

Consultant Partners

Offer robust full lifecycle grant application tools to your customers.

Vendor Partners

Vendor Partners

Make it easy for grant applicants to choose your products & services

Ready Partner Marketplace

Let's work together. We partner with broadband industry leaders to help their customers discover, apply for, win, and track grant funding. Interested in joining our partner community?

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