NTIA Announces Updated BEAD Challenge Process Policy

Well, it’s been a fascinating week in Washington, D.C. for the broadband industry! NTIA just released its Model Challenge Process Guidance for Initial Proposals. As you are aware, BEAD includes the requirement that each Eligible Entity submit an Initial Proposal describing, among other things, a “challenge process” under which a unit of local government, tribal government, nonprofit organization, or broadband service provider may challenge a determination made by the Eligible Entity in the Initial Proposal as to whether a particular location or community anchor institution is eligible for BEAD funds, including whether a particular location is unserved or underserved.

NTIA sought feedback from the public and 61 stakeholders filed comments. See Internet for All to access the Model Guidance and related documents.

To prepare for your challenge, check out Ready’s Challenge Process Coordinator, and be sure to stay tuned to and for additional information. 

Scott D. Woods

Scott D. Woods is the Vice President for Community Engagement and Strategic Partnerships for, Inc. Scott facilitates and develops key public-private partnerships formed via the Broadband.Money platform. He also served as the former inaugural Director of the Office of Minority Broadband Initiatives in NTIA’s Office of Internet Connectivity and Growth (OIGC).

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