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Comprehensive resources to help state broadband offices secure BEAD grants for expanding broadband infrastructure in underserved and unserved areas.

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NTIA Announces Updated BEAD Challenge Process Policy

Updates to the BEAD Challenge Process Policy

Read the NTIA's newly released Model Challenge Process Guidance for Initial Proposals.

Congrats NTIA and State Broadband Offices - List of BEAD Grant Allocations

Congrats to all the hardworking folks at NTIA and States, and thank you for doing this.

Years in the making, state broadband offices now know their allocation of America’s largest ever and possibly last major investment in broadband.

Get Defensible, Transparent, NTIA-Compliant Speed Tests

The State Broadband Office’s Guide to Speedtests for Challenge Process

Get the source-of-truth data you need in order to make the most of your BEAD while meeting NTIA acceptable evidence guidelines.

Building a Fair and Inclusive Process

Get Ready to Work with Small, Local, and Non-traditional Providers

Make sure skilled, capable providers of all sizes have what they need to apply for your state’s BEAD funds.

Scaling You: How Your State Broadband Office Can Use Tech to Do More with Less

A look at the Ready Grantor Platform as a whole – save time, empower team, get results.

Use tools to solve Local Coordination, Challenge Process, Grant Applications, and more.

Optimizing Your State’s BEAD Allocation

Get The Most from Your Broadband Grant Resources: Achieve Your Vision for BEAD & Beyond

Optimize your broadband grant resources with objective, transparent decision-making tools.

Beyond Mapping: What’s Next For Your State Broadband Office?

Embrace Standards To Make The Most Of Your Resources

What’s next for your state’s broadband office? This piece frames the series ahead, and the state’s next set of challenges, and shows how’s Broadband tools can help your state broadband office.

Running a Robust, Transparent, Efficient Challenge Process

Practical advice for running an efficient, equitable, data-driven broadband grant challenge process.

The pitfalls and hazards of the challenge process, what can be learned from the Fabric model, and how to roll out a Ready Challenge Process